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Committing to a date

Leigh and I have always intended to have some sort of ceremony, but have gone back and forth about what to do and when.

Many years ago, before the kids were ever thought of, we had chosen a date and booked a celebrant. Then life got in the way and we didn’t go ahead.

After that we were distracted by the pursuit of parenthood, and then the demands of young children. At the same time, I developed a real aversion to the idea of a ceremony that would have no legal significance. The thought of it just made me angry and I decided I didn’t want a mock version of what our straight friends could have. So for a time I wanted to just wait until our state/country finally did the right thing and gave our relationships proper legal recognition.

Now, I just want to have a ceremony and to hell with the legal bit. I want a nice dress and a white gold ring and a fabulous wedding cake.

So we’ve set a date – Sunday, November 8, 2009. Yes, it’s 18 months away.

November 8 is our anniversary and I have always hoped we could have our ceremony on our anniversary. It would have been nice to do it this year when it falls on a Saturday but we may well still be mid-renovations by then and at any rate the new section of the house certainly won’t be completely finished and we won’t have any money.

So, next year it is.

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