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Veggie Patch update

This will be a brief update based mainly on the facts that (a) the snails have eaten a good lot of what we planted and (b) I haven’t actually been near the veggie patch again since the seedlings went in.

From what I hear from leigh, about a third of the plants have been devoured by the slugs and snails. She’s since put down some pellets so the rest should be okay.

She says it’s a bit early to really tell what’s going to come up because some of the plants are still too little to really see through the sugar cane mulch on top.

It looks like both cucumber plants are goners, but I think we should still have at least one or two of each of the other plants. The ones that were bigger when they went in seem to have fared better (duh).

Meanwhile, nothing’s ready to pick so apart from the remaining tomatoes it’s store-bought produce for us, although we’re being fairly choosy about what we buy – looking for locally grown, in-season fruit and veggies.

We did buy some Victorian apricots which I guess wasn’t that great, but leigh turned them into home made apricot jam, which is rather great!


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