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Dining with donor

This morning we met up with our donor at a park in the inner west. We’ve been trying to arrange a catch up with him for ages but it’s proven very difficult. November and December are just mad for us between all the birthdays and christmas functions, then in January we were away a bit and he was away a bit.

We tried to line something up for the end of January, but it rained. And then it rained for about the next four weekends in a row. And then we all got busy again.

Anyway, finally, today, we managed to meet up. It’s been about nine months since we saw J, and he’s only previously met Hugo once.

Hunter had a great time ordering J around, and he was very obliging, playing all sorts of silly games with her and agreeing to a wide variety of physical contortions at her instruction. He’d brought a ball and some frisbees so Hunter got to run around and play and climb on the equipment at the park and generally have a good time.

She was pretty reserved initially, which is typical of her, but warmed up soon enough. Hugo was pretty subdued, too, partly because we were in an unfamiliar place and he was content just soaking up the new sights and sounds; partly because he was tired; and partly because he was doped up on Demazin in an attempt to stem the flow of snot he’s been producing the past few days. Even though he was quiet, he was still a happy little fella.

The highlight of the day was when Hunter flung the frisbee and someone else’s dog came barrelling across the park at a million miles an hour to catch it. Hunter nearly had a heart attack. She’s scared of our little cat – the sight of a big black dog flying for the frisbee just about did her in. It actually looked really funny.

It was good to give the kids a chance to interact with J. Whenever we see him (about two or three times a year) I am so glad we have a known donor. I know people have very different views on this, and I say each to their own, but for us it’s always felt like the right choice.

We’ve been very open with Hunter about how she and Hugo came to be (to the extent that she can understand) and will be with Hugo, too. I told her last night we were going to see J today and asked her if she remembered who he was. She said she did and I asked her to tell me who he was.

She told me he was the one who helped us have her and Hugo. I asked her how he helped, and she said “sparm”. Close enough!

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