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Spoke too soon

As expected, Hugo’s Night of Sleeping Well was a one off.

The following night was simply craptastic – he was awake three or four times before we even got to bed, and the pattern continued the rest of the night. And last night was not much better.

To make that first night especially entertaining, Hunter wet the bed. While I was cleaning her up and changing her, leigh was reorganising the bed. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t really notice when she took the mattress off then wrestled the spare mattress out from under the other bed and put it on Hunter’s bed.

It was only when she was inspecting Hunter’s mattress in puzzlement that I realised what she was doing. She was looking for the wet patch. There was none. The mattress was covered with a rubber-backed protector. She’d lugged one mattress out of the room and another one in for no reason at all.

It set the tone for the night and it all went to pot.

Hunter ended up being awake till 10pm and as usual Hugo ended up in our bed.

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