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Poor little sick man

Poor Hugo is so full of cold that it makes me sad just to look at him. He has the most awful, juicy, chesty cough and his nose is drippy and red raw. He starts to cry if I even think about wiping it.

To top it off, he also has conjunctivitis. There was yellow gunk coming out of both eyes last night and this morning his little eyes were all swollen and red and sore.

He’s just so miserable it would break your heart.

This morning he was in his highchair eating his toast half heartedly. I left him for about two minutes to go put on some deodorant and when I came back in he was asleep! It was so cute – unfortunately I couldn’t (and still can’t) find the camera.

I took him to the doctor this morning to get something for the conjunctivitis. I don’t think it’s part of the viral illness causing the cold because it started a good five or more days after the cold, and it’s fairly full on. I think it’s another preschool lurgy courtesy of Hunter.

There was a huge wait at the surgery – two thirds of the seats were already taken when we got there at 9am. We got in just after 10, which wasn’t too bad considering, but it’s a long time for a sick boy who wants to go to sleep.

He was amazingly good. For the first 20 minutes or so he sat on my lap and looked around, gave me cuddles and tapped on the wall behind me. After that we went into the play area (there were no other kids there) and he crawled around and just entertained himself till it was our turn.

He didn’t much like being examined but he didn’t even cry when the tongue depressor went in.

He DID cry when I gave him the chlorsig drops, and I don’t blame him because those suckers sting and then they drip down into the back of your throat and leave a foul after taste.

He’s asleep now and I hope he feels a bit better when he wakes up.


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