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I miss shopping

Leigh and I were talking the other day about how we’ve really done pretty well at not buying Stuff. Since the beginning of the year we’ve really been trying not to indulge in retail therapy, and mostly we’ve been pretty good about it. We’ve had the occasional slip up but no major blowouts, and even when we have decided to buy something new, we’ve been fairly particular and quite restrained.

The trouble it, I miss shopping. Really miss it.

I know that’s pathetic and that half the point of this exercise was to prove to ourselves that worshipping at the altar of commercialism is unfulfilling – but I haven’t really found fulfillment elsewhere, either.

Leigh was never half the shopper I was (am?). She doesn’t understand the joy of wandering around for hours, not looking for anything in particular. Trying on clothes you don’t need and can’t afford. Looking at furniture you have no room for.

Even in our shopping days, she was all for getting what she went for then coming home. She’d always choose the smaller shopping centre over the big one, and really she’d rather be gardening than shopping.

I like having a garden. I like eating food that comes from the garden. But I don’t really like gardening. I prefer The Great Indoors.

I’m choosing not to spend so much time (and money) shopping because I think it’s a better way to live, but I am still waiting for that lightbulb moment when I realise I prefer my days retail-therapy-free.

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Shopping for the Planet

We’ve been talking for a while about Compacting. You know, trying not to buy stuff. Getting secondhand stuff if we really must buy anything.

Late last year we decided to give it a go in the new year. So far we’re doing…not that great.

Leigh went out a few days before new year and had a big buy up of new clothes, which seems kind of contrary to the spirit of compacting. I was even worse, going on a “well if she can, I can” buy up. In my defence, I bought a hair straightener with a gift voucher I received for christmas. The voucher was for David Jones, and there is not exactly a secondhand department at DJs. So it’s not my fault.

We’ve also since bought a new birthday gift for the girl next door. Oh. And a new purse and camera. We had some things stolen from our car over christmas and I felt like it was unfair to have to have used things to replace our nice things that some little gobshite took. They also got the brand new in-car dvd player the kids got for christmas, and we’ll replace that with a new product before our next trip.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. We have managed to reduce the volume of imported food products we’ve been buying – focussing instead on local product and home grown food. We also bought Hunter two pairs of shoes from St Vinnie’s. She needed them, they were in great condition and they were cheap.

We also went trawling through some of the secondhand shops in the more expensive suburbs. I confess that while leigh was looking for things she liked, I was checking tags for brand names. I bought a skirt and three tops. They were all secondhand, so I get a tick on that front. But really, I don’t especially need clothes at all. So, a cross there.

Meanwhile, the veggie garden is coming along okay (or so leigh tells me. I haven’t actually ventured back out there).

The chard seems happy, there are some onions and leeks coming along. We lost some of the spinach on the hot day and it’s still too early to judge how the rest is going.

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