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Drop off drama

Hunter cried and cried and begged me not to go when I took her to preschool this morning. It wasn’t like yesterday where she cried a bit then was immediately fine.

This time, as I was leaving, she was screaming, “please, mummy, I don’t want you to go” and was bawling, red-faced and very distressed.

I hated leaving her like that, and I also hate that she forms habits of anti-socialness very quickly and lets them go gradually if at all. Which means she is probably going to do this every day now.

I wish I had some tactic to avoid this. I know that what would work best would be for a staff member to engage her in some task as soon as we arrive, and for me to leave before she thinks more about it. But with 40 children and four staff, it’s just not going to happen like that.

I’ll see how she goes over the next week or two and then I think I might have to talk with her teacher. It’s only happened twice and I suppose it’s still possible she could be fine again by next week, but knowing Hunter I think it’s more likely that last week’s easy start was the anomaly.

It’s a pity leigh can’t do drop off, because Hunter was always better about just getting on with her day if leigh took her to daycare, but preschool doesn’t start till 8 and Leigh has classes starting at 7.30 every day this year.

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