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Bad Mummy

We had a nasty near miss today. The kind of accident that is entirely the parent’s fault and that should never happen because parents should know better.

I had promised Hunter we’d make a cake with some of the bananas in the fruit bowl that were teetering on the edge of over-ripe. After Hugo’s sleep we went to the supermarket and picked up a few missing ingredients. Then we all sat down to have lunch before launching into the cake making.

Hunter and I had both finished eating but Hugo was still happily smearing avocado all over his face, in his hair, around the high chair etc (his version of eating) so I thought I should leave him in the high chair while we got started.

I came into the study to print off the recipe and a few seconds later heard a big THUNK then a pitiful wail. I knew immediately that I had not fastened the strap for the high chair, and thought the thunk was Hugo’s head hitting the floor.

Thankfully, the thunk was my diet coke hitting the floor. Hugo had got himself half out of the chair and taken a lunge at it. When I went rushing in he was dangling over the edge, screaming blue murder.

He got a nasty bump above his cheekbone but was otherwise okay. Phew.

The stupid thing is I always do up the strap on the high chair, even when I am right there. Why I neglected to do it today is anyone’s guess.

I keep thinking about our various trips to the children’s hospital, which is plastered with posters about not leaving children unstrapped or unattended in high chairs and on change tables, and not leaving pot handles out so kids can pour boiling soup on their heads. I always passed those posters with a silent tut-tut and a headshake that any parent could be so irresponsible.

I guess today has taught me to double check the strap, and not to be so smug!

Meanwhile, the cake has just come out of the oven and smells delicious, but the kitchen looks like a bomb went off.

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