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Help me spend $2000

I am in the midst of negotiating a voluntary redundancy from one of my jobs. The redundancy package includes a $2000 ‘job search allowance’, payable on presentation of invoice.

There are no guidelines about how this money can be used, the terms simply state that the allowance is “to meet expenses associated with seeking other employment”. Now, I am not seeking other employment. I have other employment. But I’ll be keeping quiet about that, and I intend to take their $2000.

But I don’t want to have any claims rejected, so I need to think of things to buy that might legitimately be associated with seeking work. I am sure I could buy a new mobile phone, but I don’t want one. I could probably buy clothes and claim that they were to wear to interviews, but I don’t especially want or need new clothes (okay, maybe some).

I would like to update my laptop computer, but I am not really sure that would count as something designed to aid in the search for a job.

Any other ideas?

And yes, I know this is throwing all my compacting plans out the window (temporarily), but it’s free money! Yes, okay, half of the point of compacting is to move away from materialism and commercialism, but….free¬†money!

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