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Pre-school jitters

Today was Hunter’s first day at pre-school. We both coped admirably.

She was excited and we’d been trying to play up the positives, but we were also making a point of not going on about it too much because she’s hair-trigger sensitive and we didn’t want it to be too big a deal.

This morning it was clear that she was excited but also putting on a brave face. She was smily and positive but when we actually got out of the car and started walking towards the centre she wanted to hold my hand and stick very close.

She was very quiet when we went in and wanted me to sit right with her to do the first few activities (she did three paintings in about five minutes, mainly, I think, because she didn’t want to move to another table). She wasn’t ready to interact with anyone else, and we didn’t push it. After about half an hour I told her I was going to leave soon, and she said that would be okay.

A few minutes later I told her I was going. She gave me a kiss and a hug and off I went. I could hear her classroom assistant talking to her as I left.

I just phoned and the receptionist and her teacher both said she was doing incredibly well and they were both impressed with how well she’d settled in. She’s been playing with the other kids (just a little) and using nice manners and following directions and just generally being the ideal pre-school girl.

I am so proud of her.

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