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Perfect playgroup

We tried another playgroup today – and it was exactly what I was looking for!

There were lots of kids Hunter’s age and lots Hugo’s age. The parents were friendly and social. And, it’s held at Hunter’s future primary school, so we’ll get to check the place out and make some great school contacts.

My friend who invited me to the other playgroup (that we decided was not right for us) came along today too. She had been planning to give the other one another go, but having thought about it some more realised that she too was looking for a more diverse age range.

She also liked the new playgroup, so it looks like we’ll both be going to this one. I am really pleased about that because I like spending time with her and her kids and we wouldn’t have seen each other too often if she was at another playgroup. We do catch up wednesday mornings during preschool drop off but that’s just a five minute hello.

As a bonus, I met a woman who has rather the same kind of job I do. She works from home on various writing projects. At the moment she’s doing tertiary curriculum development, where I am doing very commercial PR stuff, but her background’s very similar to mine. It’s nice to meet someone who knows what it’s like to try and actually get work done from a home office.

There were lots of other friendly folk there, too. All up, it seems like it will be ideal for us.


It starts at 9.30 am. Too early for Hugo to sleep before we go, and he was utterly wasted by the end (about 11.30). He was totally wired today and I spent a good amount of the morning getting him down from tables and chairs, chasing him across the quad, and untangling him from the blinds. He slept for a woeful 45 minutes when we got home and was a mess when he woke up.

He’s clambered onto the lamp table (via the couch) more times than I can remember this afternoon. I was dragging him off the thing at least every 60 seconds for a good stretch. Redirecting didn’t work – if I moved him away from the couch he just found something else to climb on. And grumpy doesn’t go halfway to describing his mood.

So, I expect Tuesday afternoons will be entertaining for the next while, but I figure it’s only once a week and what we will get out of the playgroup will probably make the afternoon pain worthwhile (famous last words?).


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