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We got a call yesterday to pick up the three prints we ordered after our photo session last week. When we got there Leigh noticed a photoshop error on the family photo (a weird, thumb print-sized black smudge under her eye) so we’re having them reprint that one. We also ordered an additional one because every professional shot we have in our house is a profile shot of leigh and I.

So, we picked up two of the photos and are waiting on the other two to come back, hopefully in a few days. Here they are:

Me and my boy

My favourite girls

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Model behaviour

Yesterday we had studio portraits shot. We got some fabulous pics, but what a day!

We spent the morning picking out two sets of coordinating outfits then digging out accessories and shoes (which we didn’t even wear), and getting everything ironed and packed up, along with the toys, snacks and stroller for kid-tainment.

Leigh’s sister came with us and kept the kids occupied for the hour it took for leigh and I to have our hair and make-up done. I don’t know how much leigh enjoyed that bit. I know she liked looking good for the photos but having someone prissing around with her hair and makeup is something she could probably have lived without.

I, on the other hand, loved it. I had quite elaborate makeup and it took the stylist 15 minutes to do my eyes alone. This was a good thing – I was so knackered from the previous night’s adventures in Hugo-land that sitting still with my eyes closed for a quarter of an hour felt like a fabulous luxury and I was almost asleep at one point.

Shooting the pics was an interesting experience. Last time we had studio shots done, Hunter was seven months old and she whined and cried the whole time. We thought it would be so much easier with our mellow fellow, but boy were we wrong.

He was so out of sorts! He didn’t just grizzle and cry. He eye-gouged and pinched and arched his back and gritted his four little stumpy teeth. It was funny and frustrating all at once. Some of the photos are hilarious.

The photographer tried to get one shot where leigh and hunter were rubbing noses and Hugo and I were doing the same. Well, the half of the pic with leigh and hunter is beautiful and sweet and lovely. The other half of the pic is of me tilting my head back on an unnatural angle while hugo swipes his claws at my face.

Meanwhile, Hunter was exceptionally good, which was just as surprising as Hugo’s unhelpful manner. The sylists gave her a little lip gloss and put some spray in her hair to help contain the frizziness, and she quite liked that bit of attention. In the studio she followed every direction the photographer gave and was incredibly patient and good natured.

The wheels did start to come off at the end (we’d been there for hours and the kids were hungry and tired), with Hugo crying non-stop and Hunter deciding not to cooperate any more. I can’t believe the words really came out of my mouth, but I actually heard myself say to her “Just be good a few more minutes and I will buy you anything you want”. Leigh will never let me forget that.

Somehow we still got some great pics and our initial shortlist had 31 shots on it. At over $200 a pop – unframed – we sure weren’t buying anything like that number. We eventually settled on three, but I am thinking of going back for a fourth because the ones we chose were all profile shots. We rarely look that good head on so I think we need a pic to record it!

By the time we got to look through the shots, Leigh’s dad had arrived at the shopping centre with some family from the UK (who we had never met) and was wandering around wanting to catch up with us. Hugo was bouncing off the walls, crying and throwing himself around. Hunter was manic, running in and out of the viewing room, poking people, climbing up and down off the chairs, etc.

Leigh was trying to take turns wrestling Hugo, look at pics, contain hunter and keep up with a stream of texts from her dad. She really wasn’t paying attention when Hunter said “let’s do tonguey kisses” – and that’s her excuse for absently replying “when we get home”.

(FTR I think Hunter meant ‘nosy kisses’ – what we call rubbing noses)

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