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To market, to market

On the weekend we went to the markets to look for fruit and vegies and to see what else caught our eye. We came home with sweet potato, peaches (only two though, because they smelled and looked so good we ate the others while we wandered around), some strawberry plants, a stack of books, a pile of plant pots and two sculptures.

The first sculpture is of  a pregnant woman. She’s carved from some kind of wood and stands about 30cm tall. She’s on the lamp table in our loungeroom right now and looks just right next to leigh’s hand drawn picture of the kids.

The other one is about twice as tall and is of a woman with two children, one by her side and a baby strapped to her back. She’s long and lean like a shadow and looks like she’s made from copper, although she’s actually ceramic. At the moment she’s on the loungeroom floor, behind the magazine rack to keep her out of Hugo’s reach, but we’ll find her a proper hom eventually – maybe not till the extension is built, whenever that may be.

 We didn’t really intend to come home with quite so much stuff. We’re still not doing so great on the “buy only what we need” thing – but the products we bought were all secondhand and the produce was all grown close by, so that’s something.


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