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Update from the pediatrician

We finally saw the pediatrician yesterday, after the appointment was rescheduled twice. The doc has rooms in Westmead (very close to us) and in Burwood (not that close to us) and usually we go to Westmead (duh). But this time we couldn’t get a Westmead appointment for weeks so I decided we’d drive in to Burwood.

The appointment was at 3.40 yesterday, so I started loading the kids in the car at about 2.50. We were halfway there and making good time when the receptionist rang to say the doctor was running late and we might like to hold off a while. Alas, she didn’t realise we were coming from Parramatta way and were already en route, so we kept going.

Hugo fell asleep just before we arrived so we sat in the car and let him snooze for about 20 minutes (the receptionist had said the doc was 20 minutes late).

It turns out the doc was actually running very, very late. We got to the office about 4 and waited until after 5. The kids were good to start with but got more and more manic as time went on. Hugo was entertaining himself by running as fast as he could then throwing himself to the floor, laughing like a madman. Other kids in the office were starting to join the game and it was bedlam with flying, laughing kids and yelling parents and the phone going and it was a million degrees and the door to the office kept getting stuck – it was fun.

Anyway, we finally got in about 90 minutes after our appointment time, just in time to ensure I’d get peak hour traffic on the way home with two exhausted and hungry kids.

The pediatrician is happy for us to go ahead a trial Hunter with prawns. He wants us to just rub her skin (on her hand) first and check for a reaction. If there is one, the trial ends. If there isn’t, we wait till the next day and rub it on her lips. If there’s still no reaction, she’s to eat a small amount on the third day.

We all expect it to be fine since the skin prick test was negative, but we also all know that the test is just a guide that doesn’t guarantee anything, so the pediatrician prefers to proceed with caution – and so do I.

He also had a look at Hunter’s little head and concluded that it is perfectly fine. Again, what we expected, but it’s always nice to have confirmation. Actually, his exact words were, “that’s a good head” 🙂

So, we thought we were leaving with the all-clear, till he decided to have a listen to Hunter’s chest after I talked with him about an ongoing dry cough she has. He said she had a slight flow murmur and he wants her to have an ECG to rule out any heart problems. He said he was “98 per cent sure” it was an innocent murmur, so I am keeping my freaking out under control, but “Hunter”, “hospital” and “heart clinic” in the same sentence was a bit of a shock.

He’s sending a letter with the referral to the clinic. He doesn’t feel like it’s urgent but wants us to arrange it within the next few months. That’s a good sign, right?


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