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Walking for MS Awareness

MS Awareness Week is coming up, and this morning Leigh and the kids and I signed up to participate in the MS Walk and Fun Run fundraiser in Sydney on 1 June (I think it goes without saying we picked the walk, right? “Fun run” has always sounded like an oxymoron to me.)

We paid an entry fee but we’re hoping to raise a bit of money through sponsorship, too.

We only registered this morning so I haven’t done anything exciting to our entry page yet (and probably won’t actually do much to it at all) but if you want to see it, it’s at

 Some MS facts

18,000 Australians have MS

Three times as many women as men have MS

The average age of diagnosis is 30 (Leigh was diagnosed at 33)

Five Australians are diagnosed every working day

If you’re a family member or friend we know IRL, stay tuned. We’ll be hitting you up for sponsorship some time soon! 

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Beer-free February

Leigh has just signed up for FebFast, a fundraising effort whereby she agrees to forego alcohol for a month in return for sponsorship.

Here’s the spiel from their site:

“FebFast invites individuals to Make February Their Fast-Track to Feeling Good, by sacrificing their alcohol intake for up to one month, during February.

Participants are sponsored by friends and family, with funds distributed to organisations that support young people struggling with substance use.”

She’s trying to raise $200 and also hopefully give her weight loss effort a bit of a boost.

If you want to sponsor her, go here:

If you want to place a bet on how long she’ll last without a drink, you’ll have to contact me directly 🙂

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