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Busy, busy, busy

It’s been a good while since my last post just because there hasn’t been time to update. Which is odd, because now that I sit down to actually write something, I am struggling to think of anything to write about.

Leigh’s dad paid a surprise visit over the easter long weekend so we spent a few days doing things with him. Actually, we mostly didn’t do anything, but it always feels busy with visitors even when you’re just sitting around.

On easter sunday we went into Darling Harbour, just for something to do. The Hoopla Festival was on and there were lots of quirky live performances – we saw a woman tearing apart a phone book with her hands and a really cool band that played music and did acrobatic tricks at the same time. There was also a great storytelling tent but it was aimed at kids around 8-10 so Hunter didn’t really have the patience for it and Hugo was cranky by the time we got there. Oh, and Hunter and Leigh tried a few things in an interactive circus workshop kind of thing that had juggling and stilt walking and a few other activities.

Hunter was mostly interested in playing in the water feature in front of the convention centre (a big spiral sunk into the ground that you can walk and splash around in) and throwing food to the seagulls.

Hugo was mostly interested in chasing the seagulls with rather dogged determination. He just did not get tired of following those stupid birds around.

Both kids loved the train trip there and back and honestly they would probably have enjoyed the day just as much if we’d just hopped on the train and looped around the city for five hours.

We did pretty well limiting the easter egg craziness. Hunter got a smallish bunny from easter bunny (after much wailing that he hadn’t come at all – we have the least observant child on earth). She also got a very small egg from us and a little one from grandma, plus a dvd from grandpa. We were pleased with that and it all seemed very restrained and appropriate.

Then the girl from next door arrived with a huge gift box with a giant egg and a whole pile of small solid eggs. There was more than twice as much chocolate in that box as in the rest of Hunter’s collection combined.

Obviously I am doing the parentally responsibly thing and eating most of that chocolate myself.

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