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Mr Average and his Unusual Sister

Last week we took both kids to the Early Childhood Clinic; Hunter for her formal 2.5 – 3.5 year check up and Hugo just to weigh in and make sure he’s on track. Hugo is still not terribly interested in solids, so I wanted to be sure he was gaining weight appropriately.

He’s eating a bit better than a month ago and a lot better than two months ago, but he still only eats a tiny amount each day – probably one or two ice-cubes a day. At the same age Hunter was eating about twice this much at each meal, and she was eating three meals a day.

Anyway, it turns out that Hugo is bang-on average. 50th percentile for length, weight and head circumference. Funny how their physical stats seem to reflect their personalities. Hugo’s so mild-natured it seems appropriate that he should be so completely average in terms of size.

Hunter, on the other hand, is a big mix, physically and in personality. Her height was at the 90th percentile, weight at the 60th and head circumference at the 10th! I’m sort-of concerned about the huge disparity between height and head circumference. We knew there’d be a difference because her head circumference has been in a lower percentile band than her length/height since she was about six months old, but it has continued to drop through percentile bands.

Her anterior fontanelle was closed by about seven months and she had a few investigations at the time, including x-rays and ultrasounds, and she was evaluated by a pediatrician when she was nine months old. At that time he had us keep close tabs on her head circumference to make sure it was still going up, but he wasn’t too worried because other children from the same donor have had the early-closing fontanelle, and developmentally she was fine – advanced, if anything.

We stopped even bothering with the regular head circ measurements by the time she was about one. It’s been measured a few times since but not for a good while. I guess I was surprised to see it so low on the scale.

I’m not terribly worried because she’s so bright and there is no hint of any developmental problem, but we’re going to go back to our GP anyway and just see what she says.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, she doesn’t look like she has a small head! The difference between a large and small circumference is a few centimetres, which equates to only a minimal difference in diameter.

We’re taking Hugo to the doctor, too, because he has just a hint of a turned left eye. I actually think it’s already correcting itself but the nurse at the clinic said it’s better to always have these things evaluated, so we will.

I’m hoping to make it a family affair and get leigh to see the doctor, too, because she has an on-and-off problem with her eye that I want her to have checked. But who knows if I’ll actually be able to drag her in there.


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