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Drive by post

It’s been a good while since I updated, mainly because I keep postponing as I actually do have things I want to say, but can never find the time to get my thoughts down.

I’ve now realised that I’m not going to get time any day soon to put together a real post, so this will have to do. Here are the highlights, helpful hints and random thoughts in point form:

– Hunter’s sick with pukerpooperitis

– The Dyson is good for sucking up vomit after you’ve sopped up the wet bits

– Hugo is deranged. Entertained himself for hours last night by getting a run up and throwing himself into our laps from increasing distances, laughing maniacally and starting again. He’s also rough, rough, rough. Anyone have tips on discouraging a psychotic toddler from scratching, biting and hair pulling with disturbing and unrelenting vigour?

– The building has not begun. The builder has not called. I haven’t called him either, but will, soon.

– Interest rates have dropped! This is the first time leigh and I have ever experienced a rate drop as mortgage holders. And our bank dropped rates by MORE than the official cut (barely). We think it will mean $60-$70 a month less on our mortgage payments. When they were going up, I never really thought about the money. Now they’ve gone down I keep thinking of ways to spend that ‘extra’ cash.

– I want to say something thoughtful about Mem Fox’s comments on childcare being akin to child abuse but I don’t have time to write anything cohesive. Basically, though, I’m disappointed that mothers continue to be held up to blame for society’s issues around appropriate care for young children. Does it suck that we as a society put babies into full time care when they’re only a few weeks old? Sure. Is it bad for those babies? Maybe. Does lambasting mothers who are already ridden with guilt help? Nope. The problem is systemic and the solution has to be, too. “Don’t have babies if you can’t take the time to care for them” is a stupid, ill-considered piece of advice. Am I particularly touchy about this because I myself am a guilt-ridden mother about to put her boy in childcare one day a week? Absolutely.

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I made the call

Today I called Alice, the lady who looked after Hunter before she started preschool. She has a vacancy coming up, so she’ll be taking Hugo once a week starting in November.

Alice is great and we love her and I know it’s not even a big deal but I think I will go have a little cry now.

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