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My biting boy

Hugo is still in the midst of his very lengthy biting phase. I am out of ideas! I’ve followed all the standard advice – keep it low key, don’t give him attention, avert disaster if I can, blah blah blah

It’s not working.

A couple of months ago he bit me on the left boob and it took forever to heal. After weeks of being unable to feed him in the cradle position (and instead having to hold him in a very awkward fashion to get him in a football hold) I finally started feeling better. About a week or so ago I was celebrating being able to just feed him without any pain.

Then a couple of days later he gave me a bite on the right side and it’s so sore that I am wincing every time I get dressed or get in the shower, let alone when I actually try to feed him. Feeding is ridiculously painful. It’s like having a badly-latching newborn again.

I saw a great description somewhere of what it’s like to breastfeed with butchered boobies. I think it might have been in the Baby Love book. Imagine¬†you fall over and skin your knees, then three hours later you fall over and skin them again then three hours later you do it again – etc. The result is that it hurts a lot (duh).

Anyway that’s only part of the problem (albeit it a very sensitive part!). He’s also biting everything else, and Hunter’s getting in on the act too, lest she miss out on a nanosecond of attention.

I think I posted the other week that Hugo had chomped on the couch and left little toothy holes in the leather. Well, he was at it again the other day and Hunter joined in. Now we have big toothy holes in the leather, too.

Add to those all the toothy indents and bruises on our legs and chests, shoulders and bellies, and it’s all getting tiresome.

I wish I could think of some miracle approach that would break the habit – preferably before he completely amputates a nipple.


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