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Stop biting me already!

Hugo has become an unrepentant biter. I am running out of ideas and undamaged body parts.

He started out giving me the occasional nip when he was breastfeeding. It usually happened when he was very sleepy and I am pretty sure it was unintentional. I’d give him a calm, stern, “no biting”, and it seemed to work forĀ a while.

Lately, he’s biting all the time. He’s broken the skin twice while feeding (OUCH!). He’s left bruises on my arms and shoulders. And we have a row of little toothy holes in our leather couch. Those fangs are sharp.

Last night he bit while feeding. I was pulling him away and telling him no biting – and as I was doing it, he started laughing and leaned in and bit me again. He clamped on, it hurt like hell and I had a tough time dislodging him.

I’ve been pretty consistent with him. I try to divert him if I sense a bite coming. I remind him to be gentle. When he does bite I try to respond calmly (success at this depends on the depth and location of the bite). I tell him we don’t bite, tell him it hurts, and I put him down and walk away.

When Hunter went through her biting phase, this approach worked very rapidly. It doesn’t seem to be having much impact on Hugo. He’s gone to bed twice this week only half-fed because I have refused to let him back at the boob after he’s sunk the teeth in, and still he persists.

I’ve already had to put him in a kind of modified football hold when he feeds on the left side because he’s broken the skin and it hurts too much to feed him in a cradle hold.

I’m not about to wean him over this but sheesh, I wish he’d cut it out already.

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