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The boobs are back in business

That’s right, folks, after a few tricky days the girls are over their moody madness and are back to being reliable milky firehoses.

After two days of engorgement I had two days of really quite worryingly low supply. Thankfully, by yesterday things seemed to have evened themselves out. Hugo’s actually getting the right amount of milk now – not so much gagging and choking and no more sucking an empty-sock boob. It’s all good!

The best part is that he is back to sleeping through again. I can’t believe how lightly we got off with this. I won’t say he’s been a great sleeper because until this point he’s really been a pretty shoddy sleeper. He started out as a 20-minute cat napper, which really wasn’t anything to boast about.

But to go from waking 6-8 (or more) times per night to sleeping through in the space of a week, well, that’s impressive.

Hunter’s journey to sleeping through was way more bumpy. She started out as a not-great sleeper and went downhill from there. By the time she got to seven months, no one was getting any sleep and we’d exhausted every other suggestion we’d come across, so we resorted to CIO.

It worked, but it was horrible and I am very glad Hugo’s decided to do us all a favour and sleep through without that nasty nudge.

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I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know when. It was always going to be a matter of time before Hugo decided sleeping through was silly and waking and screaming all night was much more fun.

 The boy’s smart. He figured it out after just two nights.

Last night he woke three times, which doesn’t sound that bad except that they weren’t the wake, settle, back to sleep kind. They were the scream, scream, scream for 30 minutes kind.

I think he was so wakeful because his morning sleep was screwed up yesterday (see post about the three hour visit to the doctor…) and also because my boobs are very confused. When he slept through those nights they continued making the usual amount of milk, which turned out to be Far Too Much for those nights.

Yesterday things went way in the other direction and I really don’t feel like he had enough milk at any feed all day, so I am sure he went to bed hungry. I was hoping things might have evened out by this morning but it took me five minutes to express enough for his weetbix this morning (standing at the sink, hoping the neighbours weren’t watching).

Hopefully my supply will sort itself out by tonight or it could be a repeat of last night.

Hunter also woke last night, distraught and screaming. She clearly didn’t even know why she was awake, though, because when I rushed in and asked what was wrong she looked puzzled and said, “Um. I want…um. A drink”. She drank half a mouthful then I put her back to bed.

To top it off, she cried when I left her at preschool today. She was putting it on and just seeing how far she could push her luck so I wasn’t upset by it but I was a little annoyed. I could see her as I was leaving and she’d got on with playing in the sandpit before I was 10 metres away. I suspect she will do this most days from now on, as she often did at Family Daycare.

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Big news!


Yes, he woke a billion times before we went to bed, but once we went to bed, he stayed put. He grizzled for about 30 seconds around 4am but other than that, he did it. He slept all night!

Now, someone just needs to explain the new way of the world to my boobs. Holy engorgement, batman!

The night before last I only got up to him once. When I got up in the morning I had a dinner-plate sized wet patch on my front.

This morning, after 12 hours of no feeding (remember that just a few days ago night time was one long feeding session) I woke with the Boobs of Doom. Giant, hard, lumpy and ooouch. I know how those poor dairy cattle felt when they didn’t get milked for a few days after the floods in Newcastle last year.

I ended up expressing some (and showering hunter in milk. oops.) and then fed hugo the second he woke.

Poor boy was starving when he got up. He had a big breastfeed when he woke, then ate 3/4 of a weetbix, then had another breastfeed an hour later and again before he went back to bed at 9.30.

Boob craziness aside, it was a very, very good night. I did get up three times to check on him but I know my paranoia level will subside as his sleeping becomes more regulated.

I also know we’ll probably have several crappy nights now that we’ve been treated to a good one, but that’s okay.

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Miracles do happen

Hugo spent the entire night in his own bed, in his own room. I can hardly believe it.

He woke about 11 and I fed and settled him. It took longer than usual so I was feeling like it wasn’t going to go well, but I still dared to hope that he might hold out till 4-ish before he called for room service again.

As it turned out, he woke again around 4.20, which was great but I was tired so not exactly celebrating. I thought I’d give him a couple of minutes to see if he really meant it…and he didn’t! He went back to sleep!

He woke again at 6.07am.

This is the best he has ever done. Six hours between feeds. Ordinary, perhaps, by textbook baby standards, but awesome by tired mummy standards.

And, yes, I realise I have completely jinxed myself by writing about this.

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Boy’s own adventure

So, on Saturday our neighbour came to install the new door (and took much longer and charged much more than I expected, but that’s another story) and I started preparing myself for a night without my baby.

As it turned out, eight and a half months wasn’t long enough for us to get organised and by the time bed time came around his room was still a complete shambles so the plan was postponed.

On Sunday, though, he slept in his own room. And by slept, I mean he closed his eyes for several 90 minute stretches. I got up four times between 10 and 4, at which point he came back to bed with us. There were also a couple of times where he cried a bit then put himself back to sleep for 15 or 20 minutes – rinse, repeat.

Leigh thought it went well for the first attempt, but I think what she meant was that it went well for her.

It was never going to go well for me, no matter how he slept. Even though he’s been driving us both crazy and sleeping less and less, I missed him so much. Plus, it’s just way more tiring to be getting up for 20 minutes at a time to feed and settle instead of half waking while he feeds in bed.

Anyway, he slept in his own room again last night. I got up three times and brought him to our bed at 4.30. By that time both nights it was clear he was not going back to sleep on his own, and I was out of energy.

We’re all pretty happy with the strategy of having him start his night in his room then come to us in the wee hours. Now we just have to get him to sleep more than three hours maximum at a stretch.

I really, really don’t want to have to do CIO (controlled crying) this time. We did it as a last resort with hunter and although I don’t regret it, I do remember how awful it was. It’s brutal and traumatic for all concerned and I am more of a pushover than ever and just really don’t want to have to go through it again.

That’s not to say we won’t do it. I need to get more sleep, especially once leigh goes back to school in a few days. And he’s going to be nine months old in a few days, so there’s really no need for him to be up so much. One waking per night I could probably live with for another few months, but three or four or more…not so much.

So, here’s to hoping he just magically starts sleeping through the night some time in the next, say, four days. Hmm.

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