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Just for Clem

After a brief hiatus of just a year, during which time nothing at all has happened, I am returning to share important news.

I have an itchy boob.

Why? Because I put a 50 cent coin in my bra. I forgot about it. I went to work. And then, somehow, it remained stuck to my skin overnight, to be discovered only the next morning.

When it was peeled off, it left behind a nice, grey, coin-shaped mark, which fairly quickly turned into a red, lumpy coin-shaped rash.

Now, several days later, it’s a red, lumpy, insanely itchy coin-shaped rash.

Moral of the story? Don’t put stuff you’re allergic to down your bra.

Now come back in a year for more interesting news. Or maybe visit clem’s blog, which is updated regularly.

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