Yep, more about the wedding

Because I know you want a pictorial step-by-step, don’t you?

Setting up the night before. These pics were taken at about 9pm. We’d had help the day before to set up the tables (though we moved just about all of them again after everyone left because, you know, we have to do everything our own way). We’d put on the chair covers earlier in the day but the chairs needed to be leaned up against the tables to stop all the neighbourhood cats sleeping on them. It was windy and they all fell down so we had to take off the covers and try again after the kids were in bed that night:


Getting the flowers ready. The day before the wedding was ridiculously hot, and the only room in the house with air conditioning is Hugo’s (it was our loungeroom prior to our extension being built) so all the flowers stayed in his room in air conditioned luxury and all the people sweltered in the rest of the house. We put the flowers out before we left for the ceremony but ended up sending them back to the air con at the last minute because they were starting to droop. We had someone put them out again just before the reception started.

Leigh made the bouquets and the garland for Hunter’s hair the morning of the ceremony – not like there was anything else to do.

The cake. Originally leigh had wanted to make the cake, but I pestered her long and hard about outsourcing the job. She ignored my pleas but caved instantly when her SIL made the same suggestion! Ah well, got the desired outcome and a beautiful cake.

It was made by a friend of a friend, who has just started a cake decorating business. The design is ours, based on a cobbled-together collection of things we liked about four or five different cakes we’d seen on the net.

The tables. Our agenda for the day allowed one hour for the final table set up. Theoretically, all we needed to do on the morning was put on the tables cloths and runners, set out the glassware and candles, and put out the flowers, bombonieres and other bits and pieces.

Instead, we discovered that the ‘fitted’ chair covers we’d ordered were really not that fitted, and would probably result in a lot of tangles on the night, so leigh spent an hour or so turning an old lace curtain into sashes for the chairs while I got the rest of the table set up done, then we both frantically tied on all the sashes. We were a good half hour behind schedule by the time we were done, which caused a few issues when we both had to shower at the same time (in separate bathrooms!) because we only had one razor!

But we were so happy with the way it looked. We ordered the table cloths and the navy satin runners from the hire place. Leigh made the lace runners that went over the top, and wrapped the ribbons around the vases. She also made the placecards, and even wrapped the matchboxes (for lighting the 100 votives) with paper matching our invitations. These pics were taken before the vases were removed to spare the poor wilting flowers – and before the chocolates went out on each place setting.

It’s hard to see, but each person got a giftboxed pen and there were little stacks of paper for people to write funny poems which were read out later in the night.

I’m hoping to put up the blow by blow of the actual ceremony and reception over the next few days!



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