Getting there

It’s a week and a half till W day. I am not quite sure how that happened. (It’s also ONE DAY until Hunter turns five, and I am entirely baffled as to how that happened!)

I’m actually feeling like we’re starting to just about, sort of, almost get organised. We met with the photographer on Sunday and managed to have a detailed shot list and selection of ‘like this please’ pics to share with her. We’re meeting with our celebrant this weekend for a full walk through of the ceremony (possibly minus the vows, which still languish on the to-do list).

I’ve put together a very detailed and somewhat bridezilla run sheet covering the period from Thursday morning till the end of the whole shindig on the Saturday night. It includes instructions like




I think leigh thinks those instructions are a bit rude. I think her father’s going to be around making a mess and getting the kids hopped up on junk before the reception even kicks off, so I don’t care if it’s rude.

What else? We’ve finally finalised the final numbers. We still never did hear back from my ‘friend’ but feel comfortable assigning her a No. Her husband’s still on my Facebook friends list and I am debating whether or not to ditch him.

Not because I’d actually like to keep him on there, but because I would be disappointed to think I dramatically dumped him from the list and he didn’t even notice. I was hoping facebook might have a feature where you could pretend to dump friends then secretly watch their page to see if they write anything mean about you, but apparently not. (yes, I do need to get a life :))

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve given final numbers to the caterer. We’re intentionally overcatering by a fair number because we know we’ll have a lot of family back the next day to help clean up the debris (you reading this family? you’re coming back to cleeeaaan)

One small hitch with the caterer – they arrive four hours before service of the main meal. Which is right about the time of our ceremony. So we’ll have to let them come in while we’re not here.

This makes me nervous, not because I’m worried about them being in the house. I’m fairly stupidly trusting in that respect. But I don’t trust a professional catering company to set themselves up in the exact manner I had imagined without me being here to fret and stage manage. What if they make a decision that is not identical to the one I would have made? What if something moderately unexpected happens?

Okay, okay, I think I just need to let that one go. There’s not much I can do about it, short of ducking home between “I do” and “you may kiss the bride” to check the location of the gravy jug.

Things still on the to do list are some minor things, like adding a cake knife to the hire list, and some more significant things, like the aforementioned vows and finding an MC. Oh, and I still need to have my dress altered and leigh needs to actually find a bra to wear.

Okay, talking about the to do list is making me nervous.

There is so much else going on that life is just insanely busy and getting even the smallest thing crossed off the list is a big ask. Tonight I need to stitch ribbons and sequins onto Hunter’s tutu for her ballet dress rehearsal tomorrow. I also need to get an ad booked for preschool, write up the minutes from the playgroup AGM and try to put this bomb site of a house back together.

Tomorrow we go from school orientation to birthday lunch for Hunter to ballet rehearsal to trying to get a roast dinner cooked for us plus grandma and grandpa. It’s just a typical day. There’s not a day in the week with just one activity planned.

Anyway, it’s all good. I am getting lots of work done late at night and in the early hours of morning and I have a couple of hours of sleep pencilled in for mid-January.


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    Lara said,

    Happy Birthday Hunter!

    It’s getting exciting 🙂

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