Falling to pieces

The guest list is just about signed off – we have just one couple still to chase, and then our numbers are final.

Leigh’s and my former closest friends are both on the ‘no’ list. Leigh’s former bestie waited till two days past the RSVP date then sent a long and disingenuous message about how honoured they were to be invited and how sorry they were that they had decided not to come. My former bestie did not make any reply at all.

So that’s that, and we’re both kind of relieved. They were friendships that had been moving in different directions for various reasons and we feel like these snubs are a good excuse to draw a line and leave them behind.

Meanwhile, we’re getting on with things – but things are not getting on with us.

We’ve spent months and months getting our house ready. Finishing off the painting (a gargantuan project that felt like it would never end), planting flowers, pulling weeds, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, sweeping, pruning and on and on.

Finally, last weekend, we thought, “hey, this place is looking pretty schmick”.

And then:

– Hunter pulled one of the letters in her name off her bedroom wall in a fit of pique

– Her curtains fell down (perhaps that should be “fell down”, IYKWIM) and are now crushed as can be

– the kids tore the trampoline net to shreds so it’s hanging like a great mess and is unusable

– the shelf in Hunter’s room fell (I think this one really was a fall). It left four enormous drill holes in the wall from where it was attached and sent the snow globe flying, smashing and eventually embedding itself in the carpet in a trillion different pieces

– the toilet in the main bathroom started leaking from the tap

– we have an ant invasion

Seriously. All in the past week.

And I still haven’t tried on my dress that I picked up a month ago because I am freaking out that it won’t fit, but will have to bite the bullet very soon, because with just over two weeks to go it really is time to get the alterations done.

And we probably should think about writing vows some time soon.


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  1. 1

    Lara said,

    Everything will be fine. Honestly! It’s completely normal for things to fall to pieces just before your wedding 🙂

  2. 2

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