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There’s life in the old girl yet

Yes, I am still here. I just really don’t ever have the time or inclination to blog. I’m like the chef who eats take out at home. The electrician whose house is buzzing and clicking and likely to burst into flames at any moment.

I spend all of my work time writing – and spend far too much of my non-work time working – and churning out more words is generally the last thing I can be bothered to do, even when I have things to say.

And I do have things to say. I have SO MUCH to say. Life is crazy, crazy busy, and really part of the problem with this blog is that I can never keep up. So I am just going to write about whichever topics spring to mind for the moment, and hope for the best. I am sure any readers I might have had will have deserted by this point so it probably doesn’t really matter.

Topic One – Wedding

It is three and a half weeks away. How on earth did that happen? And why aren’t I skinnier? I was so planning to be trim and taut by now!

I picked up my dress weeks ago but have not taken it in for alterations yet (it’s miles too long) because I am petrified about how it might look. But time’s ticking away and I am going to have to get on with it soon.

Meanwhile, invitations went out a couple of months ago now and the cut off for RSVPs is supposed to be this weekend. We’re still waiting to hear from quite a lot of people and will probably have to start chasing for answers next week, so we can get numbers to the caterer.

We’ve had a few guest list surprises – for instance, a few former colleagues of mine who I think are fantastic but have not caught up with in ages have said they’ll come. I’m so excited to see them again and really delighted they said yes.

There have been some less pleasing surprises, too. A few family members on leigh’s side, who we thought would probably come, have declined. It’s not that they don’t want to be here; they have prior engagements, but I was still really disappointed when they called.

And then there’s my former very close friend who hasn’t even acknowledged that she got the invitation. Some months back, before the invites even went out, she sent a message on MSN saying she and her husband might not be able to afford to come.

I was pretty shocked by this because leigh and I travelled a LONG way and spent a LOT of money to get to their wedding (I was a bridesmaid). We’d told them our date over a year ahead of time, so it’s not like they suddenly found out about it and couldn’t pull together any money.

It is up to them, of course, but for them now not to even respond to the invitation does sting and it will probably be the death knell for the friendship. Leigh says I shouldn’t take it so personally – but it’s my wedding. It’s personal.

I have more to say on the wedding plans but I’m flagging and I know if I save this as a draft it will never see the light of day, so I am going to post it with the intention of coming back another time with more – ideally before the wedding actually takes place.

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