This is what you call talent

Just yesterday I was lamenting the lack of practical skill in leigh’s and my family. We have a definite shortage of trade qualifications. My father’s a mechanic but he works on trucks so that’s not much use, and beyond that we’re just not that useful unless you want your blood pressure taken or you need someone to write you a speech (really, how often are you looking for that particular skill among your friends and family? never, right?).

There’s not a builder, sparky or plumber in the bunch and so we’re forever paying for jobs that other people can just hit up their families for.

But today. Today was a revelation. It turns out we have a talented cake decorator in the family. Behold the creation my very own sister came up with for my delightful neice’s 13th birthday.

First – the shot from the cook book from whence the inspiration came

Cake should look like


Here are the cakes (yes, the mix came from a box. Only the best).

So far, so good.

cake first


Time to start decorating. It’s not exactly like the recipe book picture, but innovation is the mark of a great artist, surely.

cake 5


Okay, time to stand up the top cake. Should be straightforward, right?


cake 4


Okay, that didn’t exactly go to plan, but she pushed on. A little bit of tizzying up is all it needs.

cake 2


Now we’re talking! It’s looking good! But sis is a perfectionist. She knows there are still a few finishing touches required. The difference between a good cake and a great cake is a row of broken musk sticks.

And so here it is, the final product.

final cake 1


And just one final shot for those of you wondering about the behind-the-scenes magic that holds a spectacular 3D cake like this together. It’s trickier than you think and amateurs probably shouldn’t try it.


Yes, that is a box of aluminium foil providing counter weight to the cake. And if you look closely, you’ll see some carefully placed metal skewers. And, I’m advised, most professionally baked cakes are only iced on the front.

So there you have it. My family is full of surprises.

I’m only sorry we’ve already made arrangements for someone else to make the wedding cake.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Clemency said,


    That droopy lettering….hilarious.

  2. 2

    Lara said,

    Tears. I’m in tears. Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh!

  3. 3

    Alison IVP said,

    Wonderful. All of it. I haven’t laughed like that for ages.

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