It sucks to be second

The other day Leigh and I were talking about just how differently things go when you’re the second kid.

Hugo has been getting shortchanged since the day he arrived, pretty much. I wanted out of the hospital after one night so I could get home to Hunter. And since then it’s been one long list of brotherly sacrifices.

His sleep gets interrupted just about every day because I need to wake him so we can get to some activity for Hunter, or collect her from preschool. He always gets the second choice of cup, bowl, spoon, towel – everything.

On dancing days he gets dragged out of bed because class is at 3pm, then he has to wait outside the hall and entertain himself while she’s in the lesson.

On transition to school days (actually, dancing and transition are on the same day) he comes along and has to sit and watch while the big kids do all sorts of things that he can’t do. This week they made pictures with their photos in the middle and he had to be content with scribbling on some scrap paper. Last week they made name badges and he had to be content with …. scribbling on some scrap paper.

This is all par for the course when you’re the second kid, of course, but the other day we realised that there was one area where he’s really being ripped off – and that’s in the bathroom.

He has a very annoying habit of running off with his toothbrush and flinging it in places where we can’t find it. For a while we were replacing it pretty much every week.

And then we just stopped replacing it. And he started sharing Hunter’s toothbrush (always second, of course). Yes, that’s gross. But she’s possessive and she kept a close eye on it so it always made it back to the cabinet. So, for maybe two months now, he’s had to queue behind Hunter for access to the one kid’s toothbrush in the house.

Anyway, this week I decided it was time to splash out and get a new toothbrush. Leigh and Hugo were off getting their hair cut and Hunter and I were grocery shopping.

My original intention was to get Hugo a toothbrush of his very own. But Hunter was with me and Hugo wasn’t and she’s good at pestering.

So Hunter got a new toothbrush, and Hugo has Hunter’s hand-me-down.

At least he gets to go first now.


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