The school Hunter will (hopefully) be attending next year runs a transition to school program during terms three and four – and today was our first session.

It’s just a couple of hours one morning a week, with activities, visits to different parts of the school, introductions to the teachers and principal and that kind of thing.

It should have been pretty non-daunting today because it’s held in the room we go to for playgroup every week, the teacher is a playgroup mum and we know her quite well, and one of the kids from Hunter’s dance class is also in the group so she already knows someone.

But if there’s one thing Hunter’s not good at, it’s transitions.

Even though the session today was similar to playgroup (though more structured), Hunter was still pretty nervous right from the start just because it was a different experience.

To begin with she only wanted to be with me. She found herself a spot at the colouring table and wasn’t interested in trying anything else.

Eventually she hooked up with her friend from dancing, which was good – sort of. Her friend was a bit naughty and Hunter just totally went along for the ride. I’m not saying it was the other kid’s fault. Hunter definitely knew she was doing the wrong thing but she’s such a follower. Thankfully that was just a blip and it only lasted a few minutes. I was disappointed, though, because as much as she has me tearing my hair out at home she’s usually impeccably behaved at preschool. I’m hoping that behaviour will wear off completely in the weeks ahead as she gains confidence. .

There was a pretty broad range of ability in the group. Some of the kids were quite switched on, and others seemed to me like they might struggle a bit in kindy. One boy in particular was full of interjections and was really quite disruptive . No, thaat’s understating it. He was a smart-mouthed little pain in the butt who monopolised the teacher’s time and was very frustrating. I’m hoping he won’t be in Hunter’s class next year!

There were also several who really couldn’t follow directions, and one who had a little mini tantrum. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would choose to work with that age group!

Added fun for us was that we also had Hugo to contend with (lots of other families had younger siblings in tow, thank goodness). For the most part he was really good. He sat with the big kids and listened to instructions and was quiet during story time and was more patient than some of the ones starting school next year. But then he started getting tired and they were doing some activity he wasn’t part of and the wheels came off. Thankfully the screaming crapfest only lasted a few minutes – that was bad enough.

I can’t say I am desperate to get back there next week. It was hard keeping up with Hugo and still trying to be present for Hunter, and now we’re trying to cram lunch and naps and dishes (and blogging…) into the brief pause before we head back to school this afternoon for Hunter’s dance class.


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