Oh, yeah

When I got to the end of my long and boring description of Hunter’s first transition to school session I remembered there was something I actually wanted to write about.

I just could not believe what some of those kids had in their lunchboxes!

The session only goes two hours so there’s not really any need for them to eat anything, but there’s a ‘recess’ built into the session so the kids can get used to going where they’re supposed to sit, being responsible for their bags and lunchboxes, opening their own containers/wrappers and getting rid of any rubbish.

This recess was at about 10.30. My kids got a piece of fruit and some water.

The kid next to Hunter had a packet of chips, a juice box and two cream filled biscuits.

The kid behind her had a full sandwich and four big shortbread biscuits.

Mine were definitely in the minority as the fruit eaters.

Really, what are parents thinking? I just don’t get it. Why would you load up your four year old with a snack that has enough calories to fuel an adult for a whole day?


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