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Long time between drinks

I haven’t blogged in a long time, though I’m not really sure why. It’s definitely not because there hasn’t been anything happening – we’re crazy busy as usual.

But lack of time is not it, either. Even with everything we have going on, I do still find hours a week to waste away on the internet.

It’s just more a lack of interest, or commitment, or something. I keep thinking about things I want to write, but I don’t write them.

I wanted to update about how adorable Hunter and her friends were in their first dancing concert, even though we could barely see them through all the smoke from the smoke machine. And how Hunter won a ballet scholarship but was way more excited about the McDonald’s voucher that came with it.

And I thought about an update on my visit to my parents’ place, which included two rather painful 13 hour trips, a fun night playing pool at a tiny club, a humiliating game of 10 pin bowling during which every person in the place laughed at my ineptitude, and a moment of TV fame for leigh.

But, well, I didn’t get around to writing about any of that stuff and am not really inclined to now. My attention span feels very short these days and I seem to be losing interest in the things I used to do and seeking out new things instead, so it’s not just blogging that has fallen by the wayside. Just this week I finked on a committee meeting just because I couldn’t be arsed. I called in an apology with a false claim that something had come up at work. Of course, they then couldn’t make a quorum so I feel slack now (I hadn’t counted on the two other no-shows).

Anyway, I am not really sure I have a point here. I think I am just hoping that this post will be like ripping the bandaid off so I can get back to posting more regularly.

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