Rite of passage

Hugo had his first ever haircut today (I swear the decision to cut it was not related to the hairstyle Hunter gave him yesterday!)

We’ve been back and forth about cutting it for ages. I’ve felt torn about it because he’s my teeny tiny baby and I don’t want him to go growing up on me. Leigh thinks there’s some value in him being able to see where he’s going.

For months I’d just about agree to get it cut and then someone would mistake him for a girl, and then I’d get all pissy about it and refuse to cut it. Leigh thinks in addition to needing to see where they’re going, children need haircuts that are not related to their mothers’ moods. She’s very difficult to live with.

Anyway, I finally gave in and today he got it chopped. I was apprehensive about the baby-to-boy transformation, but it turns out to not look that different. I didn’t want a super short cut so I asked the hairdresser to just take off some length all over and make sure it was not hanging in his eyes.

The hairdresser was fantastic. She took the time to talk to him and play with him a bit first then she set up a portable DVD player with a Wiggles movie that totally distracted him while she got on with it. He just sat there sweet as could be till she was done.

I didn’t get a great after shot before he went off to bed so I will try to get one when he wakes up, but here are some progress pics:


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    Lara said,

    I hope he still has those beautiful curls!

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