On a lighter note

I have finally managed to sneak below the 59kg mark. I am very pleased about this because it means I am now within 2kg of my official goal weight, which in turn means that my weight watchers lifetime membership kicks back in and I get to weigh in for free. It also means that all my clothes fit again.

Meanwhile, I think I have found my wedding dress! Leigh talked me into trying on a few on the weekend that I would not have even considered without her encouragement. I would have taken one look and thought “that would look terrible on me”. As it turned out, one of them was so fabulous that I was inclined to order it on the spot and I have pretty much decided not to look any further.

I didn’t place the order, because I am waiting to show it to my mum when she visits in a few weeks, but I am pretty sure I’ll order it then. There’s a four month turnaround time and I’d really hate for my perfect wedding dress to arrive after my wedding day.


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    Lara said,

    Yay for you!

    I am officially plateaued. I suppose I’d better eat less and exercise more 😉

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