A Much Fairer Day

On Sunday we went along to the Rainbow Babies’ 10th annoversary picnic and thankfully we were greeted by far better weather than we endured on Fair Day.

We were also greeted by a far bigger crowd than we had expected. We thought there might be a dozen or so families but there would have been at least 150 people there. I am pretty hopeless at estimating crowd size but I think that’s a fairly conservative guess.
It was a really great day!

The Homotones were there playing music, which really gave the event a great atmosphere, and there was stacks for the kids to do.
There were free pony rides, crafts, painting and a bunch of play equipment.

We took our kids’ scooters with us as they’ve been a popular accessory at other Rainbow Babies events we’ve been to but there was so much happening that they didn’t really get a look in this time.
We did almost lose Hugo’s scooter, though. We left it against a tree while we went for a look around and when we came back it was gone. Fortunately we spotted it and leigh just went over and collected it. I might have let it go home with a stranger rather than risk a confrontation (there wasn’t one. I think someone else’s kid probably just rode off on it then abandoned it).

We caught up with some people we have met before, and met another couple who have a seven year old daughter. We chatted a bit with other families, too, but not really all that much – we’re both a bit backwards about coming forwards so tend to only meet new people if they introduce themselves to us.

At any rate, we had a really nice time and are looking forward to the parade. Only two weeks away now!


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