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Setting the date.. No, really

Last year I posted about us setting the date for our commitment ceremony. Then we realised the date we wanted might fall in the middle of my brother’s year 12 exams, so plans went on hold while we waited for the 09 exam dates to be released.

They came out about two weeks ago and sure enough, our preferred date (our anniversary) was smack in the middle of his exams. We went back and forth about alternate dates and then yesterday we decided to go ahead and pick something. So we picked November 21.

We’ve been planning this thing such a long time that lots of the decisions have already been made. We know the venue (our house! Though the actual ceremony will probably be at a park), we’ve more or less decided the guest list, and we’ve chosen the caterer.

Hunter’s and Leigh’s outfits are bought. Mine’s picked but I am not buying it till I shed a couple more kilos, and we know what we want for Hugo and just have to find it.

And we asked our friend to be our celebrant and she said yes!

Now we have nine months to go back over all the things we’ve talked about 12 zillion times and actually book stuff!

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In case you’re keeping tally

You didn’t really think we’d get through the whole of January without taking a kid to hospital, did you?

This actually happened a few weeks ago now but I haven’t had a chance to update, and I wouldn’t want to leave a hospital trip off the record.

We were at the shops with the kids (mistake. always a mistake) and Hugo had climbed out of the stroller and refused to get back in. So he was walking with Leigh holding his hand, which was okay until he decided he didn’t want to go where she went.

He flung himself on the floor while she was still holding his hand.

On the way home he was holding his left arm in a weird kind of way, and favouring it. He was crying a weird cry, too, that told us it hurt.

When we got home I tried feeding him. He was happy to nurse but kept his left arm limp by his side. Normally he’d be busy swatting at me and scratching me.

So I put him on the floor and asked him to pretend to be a dog. At first he just sat there. Eventually he came to me with the saddest wonky crawl you’ve ever seen. He couldn’t take any weight on his left arm and it was awful.

I bundled him off to the hospital at that point.

Turns out he had a pulled elbow, which is apparently very common in young children. In fact, there was another kid with the exact same problem when we were at the hospital. And as fate would have it, the consultant who had been called to assess that kid saw Hugo at triage and figured he was the pulled elbow he’d been called for, so we were seen immediately. Bad luck for the other family, but good luck for us!

There’s a maneuvre they do in triage to fix a pulled elbow, but Hugo didn’t need it because it seems my fiddling around with his arm trying to see what was wrong had reduced it anyway.

Having had it once he’s more likely to have it again, and pulling his hand or lifting him by the wrist (not that we do that) is the most likely thing to cause it, so we did something I never thought we’d do, and bought a toddler harness. We’ve already had some snarky comments, but I’d rather deal with that than with a kid with an injured arm or one who’s squashed on the road.

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Reno update part three


Well, technically these are actually still ‘during’ shots because we have a few things left to do – finish painting (no, that laundry door will not be staying blue); putting up curtains; getting the shower screen installed (and removing the artworks and guitar currently housed in the shower stall). Hugo’s room needs a few things done too.

But you get the idea. That red painting in some of the shots will be attached to the wall at some point, probably many months hence.

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Reno update part two


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Reno update part one

Because I never find time for words any more


I just need to note here that the disastrous back rooms didn’t always look that bad – the plumber came along with a spray can and a sledgehammer before we got around to taking pics.

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Giving up

I’ve been putting off posting anything to the blog till I get a Christmas/New Year update happening. But Christmas and New Year have been jam packed and I never seem to have the time to write about it (I know you’re all desperately disappointed) so the result has been no nuthin’ for a good while.

I think I’ll just have to accept that there will be no coherent, interesting post about the festive season. In its place, I offer you this bullet point list o’ stuff, somewhat related to the things we’ve been doing in the past few weeks.

– Travelled to my family’s place, and confirmed suspicions that a 13 hour car trip (yes, each way) with two kids would not be fun

– extra un-funness thanks to my total loss of voice. Went to Carols in the Domain couple of nights before we left and tried to conduct a conversation over the crowd – this left me croaky by night’s end and rendered me mute for the three days following. “DoYouWantMeToPullOverRightNowAndLeaveYouOnTheSideOfTheRoad” just doesn’t sound that menacing in a whisper

– seems like Hugo might be inclined to carsickness. At any rate, he managed a giant puke halfway through the first of our 13 hour treks. Vomit over kid, car seat and, best of all, through the bag of gifts at his feet. Had to pull over in a patch of prickles on the Hay plains to strip him, and cover the seat with my pillow case to stop the puke seeping into the replacement clothes. Hot day + spew = not good smell in the car

– The actual visit was fun – swimming pool, too much food (leigh and I gained 1.6kg each while we were away!!) and far too many gifts. Hunter told us in all seriousness that she’d decided to stay at Nanna’s – we’re welcome to visit annually if we wish. Many tantrums on the way home with much wailing of “Turn around NOW and TAKE ME BACK TO NANNA’S

– NYE was dinner and a few games of pool at a very small club in a very small town. If you know me in real life, you’ll understand that me playing pool is a very funny thing. We were home by 9.30pm. Party on

– After a brief stopover at home to empty out and re-pack the suitcase, we headed north to see leigh’s family. Daily trips to the beach, too much food again. All good


– I got my results for my first back-to-uni subject, and managed to get in the first essay for my current subject. I was thinking of dropping out this study period because by week six I still hadn’t even opened the study package, and the first assignment was due that week. Leigh convinced me to just put my head down and get it done, so that’s what I did and I am glad because it’s one less thing on the to-do list

– Still have a million mile long list of things to do before the renovation is truly finished but it’s substantively done, and I really will post pics some day soon

– Work is nuts. Boss just had baby number 4 so is out of action, and I am way out of my depth with lots of things I am not very good at

– I toyed briefly with the idea of participating in the IVP’s 365 project before remembering that I haven’t updated flickr since November, so the odds of me actually managing a daily photo are really rather slim.

Right. I’m calling that up to date and going forward from here.

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