Another one for the trophy cupboard

Those (Crap) Mother of the Year awards just keep coming, and I am pretty sure I got myself another nomination yesterday.

Actually, this time it wasn’t really my fault, but it still wasn’t fun.

I worked at the office yesterday and hugo went to daycare (Hunter went to preschool – leigh did pick up). When I went to collect Hugo, the day carer had a christmas gift for him, and one for hunter, and one for Leigh and me. So I had to carry all that plus my handbag and hugo’s bag back to the car.

I had it all slung over one arm and was holding hugo with my other hand, but he kept wiggling free and running off. I ended up grasping him pretty hard around the wrist and managed to get him to the car in one piece.

Dumped all the packages on the roadside, wrestled him into the carseat, clicked him in and shut the door.

Went to open the front passenger door to put all the packages in and discovered the car was locked.

I’m not sure how that happened – either Hugo intentionally pressed the remote button and locked the doors after I had opened his to put him in, or I bumped it by accident.

At any rate, he was in the car, the windows were up and the car was locked.

I fished around in my bag for the keys and didn’t find them. And then I spotted them on the floor of the car in front of Hugo’s feet.

It was hot yesterday, and our car is like an oven even on a cool day. And here I was outside, looking at hugo inside.

Thankfully my bag was on the outside, so I called NRMA roadside assistance and they listed it as an emergency job. But it was 4pm and traffic was pretty heavy so I knew it would be a while before even someone closeby would be arriving.

To start with Hugo was happy enough (I’d given him his christmas present to hold on the way home and he was delighted to open it while I stood and watched).

Within a few minutes, though, he was getting very sweaty and cranky. I called leigh then and asked her to start making her way from home with the spare key, knowing that the NRMA guy would probably beat her, but I was getting a bit panicky. There was a big chunk of concrete on the footpath next to the car and it would have gone through the window if leigh or the NRMA hadn’t arrived soon.

Another few minutes ticked by and Hugo was really crying, red faced, dripping with sweat. I was standing outside in the breeze and was really feeling the heat so it must have been much worse in the car.

The NRMA guy turned up about 15 minutes after I called, so Hugo would have been in the car less than 20 minutes all up, but it felt like such a long time. The car was unlocked within about 45 seconds of the guy’s arrival – he actually ran between his car and mine, and was obviously a little stressed. He said he’d been caught in the traffic on the other side of Merrylands.

I opened the doors and turned on the a/c, and Hugo gulped down some water, and 10 seconds later he was fine. He actually seemed pretty entertained by the whole drama.


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