The builder called Monday morning and said he’d be around that afternoon or the next to figure out how water’s getting in through the roof. It’s wednesday now and we haven’t heard from him since.

The electrician did come on Monday, as promised, but the zapping issue is not fixed. In fact, the electrician all but said he did not believe anything had happened. First, he tried to say it must have been because of the wet weather. Well, Hunter’s zap was before the rain, leigh’s was way after – and at any rate, it’s not okay for the power points to zap us in any weather!

Then he basically said it wasn’t possible for us to have been zapped because the points are plastic and plastic doesn’t conduct electricity. Not strictly true, and at any rate, it IS possible because it DID happen.

So he pulled off the switch and said there was nothing wrong. I replied that there clearly was something wrong because we were getting zapped. He said that if there was an issue the circuit breaker would kick in every time. Well, it hasn’t kicked in every time, it’s kicked in once. And there have been zaps, mate, zaps!

Eventually he said we should call him if it happened again! Does he want to experiment on our kids?

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on the bathroom basin that was supposed to be installed by monday “at the latest”. This one’s not the builder’s fault – the supplier gave us a cabinet in one size and a basin in another. They offered to switch the basin and take care of installing it (since the plumber would have charged us for an extra visit), which was all nice and dandy, but now they’re saying they still haven’t received the correct basin from the manufacturer. But apparently it will be here by tomorrow…”at the latest”.

And we also found last night that the electrician did not connect the TV points to the aerial. We discovered this after leigh and her sister moved all the furniture from the old loungeroom to the new one, and lugged the zillion kilo TV in, too. So now our 42 inch LCD is hooked up to the rabbit ears. Looks pretty funny, actually, though my sense of humour is diminishing.


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