Weighing in

After Hunter’s birthday party we had a look at the photos and got a bit of a dose of reality. The scales were not wrong – we’d stacked on the kilos since this time last year. So last week, we signed back up with Weight Watchers.

We had our first weigh in last night. Leigh lost 2.3 kilos, which puts her at the lowest weight she’s been in ages (so, obviously, when I say ‘we’ had stacked on the kilos since last year, I meant I had…). I lost 2.1 kilos, which is the largest amount I have ever lost in a single week, and put me right back into my healthy weight range. I joked about packing in then, but I actually want to get back down to 57 kilos so I have a way to go.

Leigh, meanwhile, is excited at the prospect of moving out of the obese category and into the overweight one. Gotta have a goal, right?

I probably won’t get to weigh in next week as my exam is on weigh in night and I think I’ll be too busy cramming to get in any earlier, so I’ll have to try to maintain the motivation all on my own for two weeks.


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    Shannon said,

    Well done guys! That’s some impressive numbers right there. Bring on the next week….look because I loves yous I will eat what you dont ok? Im kind like that.

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