Somebody stop me before I kill the builder

It’s been a while since I griped about our builder. In fact, he gave Hunter a birthday present last week and I had been thinking he’s not so bad after all.

But since that day, pretty much no work has been done here. The waterproofer came to apply a waterproof membrane in the living area and bathroom – took about half an hour – and that’s it. Everything else is as it was two weeks ago. It’s incredibly frustrating because all that’s left for the builder to do is the install the architraves and skirting, tile the bathroom and install the fittings, and hang a couple of doors. It should be one or two days work at most, and then the electrician could come through and put in the lights and fans and we’d be done.

But that’s not actually what has me really riled today. Today I went into the new bathroom just checking it out, thinking about where things would be and I thought, “hmm, is the light switch going to be inside or outside the room?”. So I looked for the wiring. No wiring for the switch.

I look up. No wiring for a light.

No light in the bathroom! Are you $&*((%$ kidding me??

The wiring was done before the walls were gyprocked and before the ceilings went in. They’re going to have to have holes knocked in them (or worse) to rectify this.

And I already know the builder’s going to blame it on me. I can recall a conversation where he asked if we were having one of those light/fan/heater combos in that bathroom. I said no, we’d just be having an ordinary light (the bathroom’s tiny, we didn’t think it needed the other things). I’ll bet he only listened up to “no” and figured, okay, no light in the bathroom.

I am really, really ready for this to be over!!


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