Partied out

Hunter’s birthday party was on Saturday night so we spent the week prior trying to get the back yard and house into some semblance of order. It took some stern conversation with the builder to get the skip full of building work debris removed, and leigh and her father painted themselves stupid trying to get the external walls done, but by the time Saturday rolled around, everything was looking pretty good.

We always hold Hunter’s birthday parties in the evening in case we get a scorcher of a day, but the weather was actually cool-ish, though not too cold. So, all up, a good night for a party.

Everyone dressed up as ordered, which was fun. We had bunnies and clowns and pirates and nurses and cowboys and princesses. In fact, I think Hunter was the only girl not dressed as a princess, though she was in a nurse’s outfit so it’s not like we did spectacularly well in terms of casting off the shackles of gender stereotypes. I was a very pink butterfly so I am guilty, too – though leigh’s tree was decidedly androgynous and Hugo refused to wear his cowboy hat unless he could also carry Nanna’s sparkly wand.

It was a very mixed crowd, with family, playgroup friends, friends we’ve known for years and some newly discovered friends, too. The gifts ranged from a hanging ornament hand made by poor women in peru to a very sparkly Bratz doll (Aunty Anna and Nanna apparently exchanged a look of delight when that one was opened, having both been banned from purchasing same over the years). Actually, Hunter got many, many gifts and we’re grateful for all of them. We gave her a scooter, which we thought she’d love riding around the yard. So far, she prefers to ‘ride’ for about three seconds before faking a dramatic fall and calling for an ambulance – every single time – but at least she likes it.

Anyway, I think the party went well on the whole. We had planned to do some face painting or maybe a treasure hunt but we didn’t get around to either. The kids were having a good time running around together. Hunter and her friend Khye had got hold of Pirate Danny’s sword and pistol and I tell ya, I’ve never seen Hunter take such delight in a toy before.

Hunter did have a couple of little meltdowns. She’d been doing really well but over the past few weeks she seems to be back to getting overwhelmed very easily – topic for another day. She had a good night, those little hiccups aside, so I am happy.

Poor Hugo was wrecked early on and I ended up putting him to bed before we even got up to presents and cake. He was just beyond the point of no return, crying and rubbing his little eyes, so I took him in and I think he was relieved.

After everyone left, Hunter asked if she could stay up late since it was party night. I informed her that it was actually already two hours past her bedtime and she replied, “yay! up two hours late!” before going to bed with no argument.

Here’s Nurse Nancy and her brother, the Cowboy Fairy



And here’s one of the cake. It looked way better in my imagination but my lack of actual creative talent stepped in and stopped it reaching its potential. Tasted good, though!



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    Lara said,

    Thanks for the party, we had a lovely time!

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