Can we skip ahead to next week please?

This past week has just been crap, with a capital everything. Spotty Hunter, sliced up Hunter, snotty Hugo and now I have a giant ear infection that hurts like hell and, oh yeah, I can hardly hear a damn thing.

It feels freaky and horrible and I spent the morning yelling at the kids (at least I think I was yelling…) because I’m so cranky. Poor Hunter cried when I dropped her off at preschool and I know it’s because she was off balance after all my amateur dramatics this morning.

It doesn’t help that I am deeply overcommitted this week, as usual. I have an assignment due tomorrow that I not only haven’t started, I don’t even intend to start it this week. I got a medical certificate last time I hauled ass to the doctor’s surgery (two days ago) and I am going to ask for an extension. But it means I’ll have less time to get through the remaining two modules I need to get done before the exam – which, incidentally, is four days after a weekend which features three birthday parties in three different towns.

I also had a preschool committee meeting this week and am now stuck reading the fine print on a lease agreement and combing through resumes (our director is leaving at the end of the year). And I wound up on the interview panel – don’t even know how that’s going to work with Hugo in tow.

I have work up to my eyeballs – though I am at least making headway on that, thankfully. Mind you, I have yet to break it to my boss that one of the people I quoted in an article is someone I haven’t actually spoken to. I couldn’t get hold of him so I paraphrased comments of his I found in other sources and I am hoping he’ll give the sign off if I ever manage to catch him. And if I don’t catch him, I need to make up 500 words from somewhere.

And now I have to go because Hugo’s locked himself in the bathroom and I need to blow my nose for the 6743436450563rd time today.

Whiny, much?


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