Weekend sewing project

No, I haven’t taken up a new craft. Yesterday I spent nearly five hours at Westmead Children’s Hospital, and came home with a decoratively stitched daughter.

Shortly prior to the hospital visit (duh) Hunter had gone into the back yard, where she’s not supposed to be at all during our renovations, and sliced her foot open on a sheet of roofing metal that was on the ground. She has three stitches.

There were many tears and much waiting and a lot of laughing gas before we left, hoping not to go back for at least two weeks this time.

You see, last weekend we had a trip to the hospital too. Hunter had been eating a bag of cookies from the preschool fete the day before, and, being starving and malnourished, she didn’t want to leave any crumbs in the bag. So she tipped it up to empty the debris into her mouth and instead landed something in her eye. It was way in under the bottom lid and I could not get it out.

Thankfully the staff changed between last weekend and this, so we only saw one nurse, in passing, who’d been there last Sunday. I just put my head down and hoped she didn’t recognise us.

And if you think two hospital trips in two weekends is impressive, I should add that on Saturday we might also have managed to infect a large group of children with something nasty and unidentified. We’d gone to a birthday party with Hunter seemingly normal but soon after we arrived she started acting out of sorts. Then she felt hot. Then her ear looked really red.

And then she broke out in spots from head to toe. After she’d been playing with the other kids for an hour or so.

Yep, we’re gonna have to build new cupboards for all our parenting awards.


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    Lara said,

    Poor darling!

    I hope she is feeling ok, did the spots amount to anything? Inigo screamed all saturday night, but he had a new tooth on sunday morning – we can’t blame Hunter for that!

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