It’s raining in my house

Last week the roof came off the back of the house, and a few days ago the ceiling came out of the back room, too. It’s been threatening rain ever since but it’s held off and we thought we were in the clear as the new roof was due to go on starting today.

Well, last night it rained, and rained, and rained. Some time during the night we heard a long BZZZZZ and then a THUMP and when we woke up the lights didn’t work. So we came out in the darkness to see how the tarps had held up. The answer was, not very well.

The back room was about an inch deep in water. There are lines of wet snaking their way down the loungeroom wall and we’re already onto the second bucket under the kitchen light. The floor’s a muddy mess and the kids were totally freaked out.

And the builders can’t work in this weather so the roof won’t be started today. Rain isn’t supposed to stop till tomorrow afternoon.

This is getting interesting!

(Meanwhile, I’m writing from the kitchen table – computer was relocated monday morning because the builders were working on the roof above the office and were worried about safety).

ETA Just went into the study for the first time today and it is WET. The water pooled around my feet as I walked across the carpet. We had some stuff stored in there and it is completely soaked, including one of my dining chairs which is now covered in filthy mud. The carpet’s beyond drenched and will probably have to be pulled up. Thank crap I got the computer out on Monday.


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    Lara said,

    Crap. Do come over to mine if it all gets too much 🙂

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