All boy?

You all know how much people love to attribute characteristics to gender. I’ve heard a million times that Hugo’s ‘all boy’, but I’ve really always thought it was more a case of ‘all Hugo’ than ‘all boy’. I’ve even claimed that Hunter and Hugo were very similar at the same age.

But lately that’s changing and I have to confess that the boy is, more and more, living up to the All Boy stereotype. Whether it’s really about his sex rather than his personality or whatever, I’m not so sure, but the kid climbs like a mountain goat, has no fear of anything, never learns from his mistakes and takes great delight in pursuing whatever crazy, dangerous notions come into his little head.

I know all toddlers climb. But Hunter was nothing like Hugo (and that’s saying something, when you consider she’d managed to knock herself out by this age). Right now Hugo’s sporting a nasty gash on his chin after clambering onto a chair, leaning on the back and toppling it over. It’s about the fourth injury he’s had from doing that exact thing. In fact, he was trying to get back up on the chair yesterday befeore the bleeding had even stopped.

And he’s more agile and physically sure at 17 months than Hunter was at two or maybe even two and a half. He knows how to get on things, and off them (not always – or ever, really – by the safest route). He can stand on one leg. He can squeeze into tight spaces and build towers of random objects to climb onto things. More than once I’ve gone into the bathroom and found him perched on the vanity, which he reaches by climbing onto the toilet then leaping the gap.

Even when he’s breastfeeding he’s acting like a gymnast. The other day he was feeding while standing between my knees (I was sitting on the couch). He hooked a knee over my thigh and swung himself up into a cradle hold, then slung his feet over the arm of the couch and dangled there like he was in an invisible hammock. Two seconds later he was upside down with his feet over my shoulder, then he was standing again – all while still latched on.

I don’t know whether it’s a boy thing or a Hugo thing, but I see stitches and plaster casts and grey hairs in my future.


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    Lara said,

    OMG – you’re scaring me! Inigo has become quite the daredevil, I’m guessing it’s not going to get easier any time soon 🙂

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