We’re baaaack

Actually, we’ve been back several days but I haven’t had a chance to spend more than a few minutes at the computer, plus I can’t think of where to start with all of the insanely exciting stuff that has been happening (not).

The holiday was great. No phone except mobile, which noone from work called even once, no internet, no particular plans, and babysitting on tap.

We were two blocks from Miami Beach on the Gold Coast so Leigh and the kids had a ball. I’m not really a fan of the beach but it was fun seeing how much Hugo loved it. He wasn’t content to sit at the edge of the water and splash around, though. He wanted to be in the waves, so looking out for him was hard work. He kept bolting for the water and every time he got smashed in the face by a wave he’d squeal and giggle with delight and head straight back for more.

The trip was ostensibly for my aunt’s 60th birthday party, so it was a nice chance to catch up with some family members we don’t see very often, and one we’d never met before, who was born on Hugo’s first birthday.

The party itself was quite sedate (just our pace!) and we really enjoyed it. It was held at a community centre which in one section had big skylights about two storeys up. One of the kids thought it would be a good idea to tie some helium balloons to a bag of rubbish and see what would happen. Needless to say, it floated up to the highest point of the ceiling, unable to be reached.

That was definitely the highlight. Well, not that so much as seeing the bunch of 50 and 60 year old drunk men (plus leigh) dreaming up MacGyver-style plans to get it down. Leigh’s suggestion involved another helium balloon, a foil pie tray and a safety pin. Seriously.

The floating trash bag was eventually brought back to earth by my uncle, wielding a gigantic timber plank he’d found outside.

The whole point of getting the bag down was so they didn’t lose their bond, but I suspect the damage done by the plank-o-wood slamming into the wall might have been more significant than a little bit of junk dangling from on high.

Anyway, the rest of the holiday was filled with shopping, eating out (no kids!!), a visit to Dreamworld, board games on the verandah and general lazing about.

The worst part was the 12 hours of driving in each direction, though I shouldn’t complain because I spent very little time behind the wheel. We did switch on the way up, at Grafton, but within an hour I’d got us rather lost so leigh sent me back to the passenger seat and didn’t let me drive at all on the way home. Fine by me!

The kids did…..okay….in the car. We thought Hugo would be worse than Hunter because she’s always been such a good traveller but alas the whingy version of her joined us in the car. She was pretty persistent and there were moments when I could picture us accidentally leaving her at a rest stop, but it all turned out okay.

By the time we got back I was very keen to see how the building work was going, and was relieved to find some progress. As of right now the wall frames are up, most of the posts for the verandah and undercover area are set and the roof beams are mostly on. We expect the roof to go on this week if all goes to plan.

We’ll be a month into the building phase on Wednesday so by rights should be at about the halfway point, but I really don’t think we are and right now I’m thinking we won’t be done before december. I’m feeling surprisingly un-frazzled at that thought, though. Apart from the few days of demolition the noise hasn’t been too bad and the whole thing hasn’t really felt that inconvenient.

We were planning to wait for the back wall to be knocked out before we moved hugo temporarily into Hunter’s room but when we got back we discovered the builders had been hosing the concrete without blocking underneath the back door, so the carpet in that room had been soaked and then left to bake for a week and a half in a closed up house. It smelled BAD when we got back, so we moved Hugo to Hunter’s room that night. So far we’ve had two nights where they both slept well and two where we’ve all been up through the night.

And that’s enough updating for now!

UPDATE: Make that two good nights and three crappy ones with the new room set up. The carpet in the back room is dry now and Hugo’s going back in there as of tonight! We’ll still have to put them in the same room while the last bit of the project is completed but I am not going to prolong my suffering in the meantime.

UPDATE 2: I decided to give them one last try and we had a really, really crappy night. Alas, it’s now pouring and I’ve discovered that since the eaves and window frame at the back were pulled down, Hugo’s old room is no longer what you’d call waterproof – I’ve emptied five ice-cream containers of water and removed three sodden towels so far. So, the new set up is not working and the old one is no longer an option. Was I just saying this project wasn’t so bad so far??


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