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Outta here

We’re en route to Queensland for a nice lil holiday. Probably no internet while we’re there so you’ll just have to wait for all our boring news.

Don’t have too much fun without us.

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In the news

We’re featured in a story on the SMH website today.

They used about three words from my interview and there’s no pic on the website so we’re interested to see what’s actually in the paper.


ETA I just googled and the article was also picked up by the Canberra Times, the Brisbane Times, AOL news, a European news site and some newspaper in Azerbaijan!

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And now for something less dreary

I saw this fantastic line in a real estate ad this morning:

There are two toilets, one inside and the extra one outside for the discerning flatulent individual.


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The sting in the tail

A little bit of extra crappiness from yesterday – the MRI place slugged leigh over $500! The first place we went to charged something like $150 so this was a nasty shock. The receptionist claimed to have told leigh the price over the phone but I know she didn’t, because she didn’t speak to leigh, she spoke to me (pretending to be leigh) and there’s no way “That’ll be five hundred bucks” would not have grabbed my attention.

Some days you can’t catch a break.

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Protected: When there’s no prospect of good news

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The renovations have officially begun.

On Saturday, the plumber came to terminate the water supply at the back wall of the house. And at 7.05am today a horde of people showed up and have been clanging and banging and doing who-knows-what since.

Of course, having only had nine months to prepare for this, leigh and I waited till last night to move the last few things from the shed and undercover area. We’d been out all morning (buying the bathroom fittings we need) then went to a friend’s house for lunch. We got home around 4.30 just as a big thunderstorm was rolling in and right before leigh’s mother and sister were about to arrive.

We started lugging stuff in as the rain hit and finished the job trying not to get stuck by lightning and struggling to see in the darkening yard.

We had washed all our clothes that morning, knowing our laundry might be out of contention for a while, then hung it all and headed out for the day. When we got home it was all still wet but it had to come in or it would have been covered in dust today. Our house looks part junk shop, part chinese laundry. There’s a cat carrier in the hallway, a Dora ballpit in the loungeroom and vast amounts of other stuff jammed in every corner. There are wet clothes and towels draped over chairs, tables, wardrobe doors. One of Hunter’s tops is slung from the TV aerial in our room.

And now I learn that the building crew needs access to our house to use the toilet, which means I have to try to organise the mess and actually keep it under control.

One hour down, two months (at least) to go!

Oh, and I realised about 6pm Friday that I was supposed to arrange a council inspection before work started. I didn’t and now I am freaking out about it. I really enjoyed the two minutes’ sleep I got last night.

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We’re on!

Demolition starts Monday!

I feel totally freaked out and nervous. I know exactly why – it’s because I’ve basically cleaned out my account for this and I am panicked that some huge hidden cost will crop up and we won’t have the money for it. I can see us stranded with the back of the house knocked down and the bank refusing to pay the builder because something hasn’t been done right and us with no money to get the job finished.

Yep, I’ve spent nine months complaining that the job hasn’t started yet and now that it’s about to start, I am complaining about that, too. It’s stupid, but my heart is going a million miles an hour. I hope this all works out okay!

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