Happy birthday to me

Yesterday I turned (gulp) 33. I’m not sure how I got to be 33 without really noticing, but here I am. Leigh and I sometimes talk about not really feeling that different to when we were 16, but I can assure you I was not asking for a vacuum cleaner for my 16th birthday.

I DID ask for a vacuum cleaner for this birthday, and yesterday we picked up a Dyson, which serves the dual purpose of sucking up lots of stuff from our carpets and making us feel like accomplished members of society. How is it that a vacuum cleaner came to be a status symbol, anyway?

I gave the floors a once over yesterday and was suitably impressed/disgusted by the barrel of stuff the Dyson inhaled.

We did lots of other things for my birthday, too and apart from one lowlight which I am already over, I had a rather fabulous Birthday Festival.

It started Friday night with takeaway from El Jannah (smoky charcoal chicken with a potent garlic sauce, of which leigh and I consumed a LOT). Saturday morning leigh made bubble & squeak for breakfast then we all headed into the city.

We wandered around a bit, browsed the bookstore and the homewares store (Victoria’s basement) and looked for wedding attire inspiration at the designer wear section of DJ’s – though we’ll be spending less on the whole ceremony than we would spend on two outfits from there.

Then we had afternoon tea at The Tearoom. We bought a huge bowl of fries for the kids – a very rare treat for them, and it kept them totally occupied for the better part of an hour. That left leigh and I to eat three tiers of dainty sandwiches and pastries and two enormous scones with jam and clotted cream. We did have to sit on opposite sides of hugo and hold the tablecloth down with our elbows to stop him from up-ending everything, but it was otherwise fairly relaxed. The maitre-d’ commented on the kids’ excellent behaviour as we were leaving, which was nice.

Then we hit the shops again and I tried on a few wedding dresses while Hunter climbed on the little platforms in front of the mirrors exclaiming, “I look like I am six standing up here!”

Before we headed home we stopped at Lincraft and Dymocks and bought paper for leigh to make me a handmade book as my birthday gift.

On Sunday we went to yum cha with the kids, and then yesterday, leigh and I had a lovely dinner after the kids went to bed – Atlantic salmon with colcannon followed by cheese and cherry strudel, all made by leigh.

Last night leigh finished off my beautiful little book. She learned to hand-bind books many years ago from a friend and has a sweet little book she keeps her favourite recipes in. She thought I might like to do the same thing, and that’s what I will do. I am going to start writing them in today.

Here’s my book:

The front cover


Inside front

The spine, bound with ribbon and cotton


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  1. 1

    N said,

    What a lovely book. 🙂 And happy belated birthday! (It’s STILL the 18th here, so there. :-p)

  2. 2

    Mo said,

    Happy belated birthday, Red. That book is beautiful!

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