All’s well on the Hunter front

Two weeks can make such a difference in the Life of Hunter. Since I posted about her completely mind-bogglingly bad behaviour, things have improved considerably.

 I think my initial assessment that the whole issue was about swimming lessons was right. She’s had two swimming lessons since that thought occurred to me, and neither of them went well, but I think she’s faced her demons, so to speak. So, even though she’s still not keen on swimming, I don’t think the prospect of it is weighing on her so heavily during the week.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say her behaviour has been unfalteringly exemplary – that would be even more surprising than the outrageously bad behaviour of a few weeks ago. But, overall, it’s much better, and there have been a few days where it’s been quite remarkably good.

And preschool’s going better, too. She no longer cries when I leave and most days I think she’s actually genuinely okay with me going. In fact, she’s adapted to preschool far better than I expected. She did have some rocky times and some very rocky times, but right now, it’s all smooth. She’s made some friends (“I love Georgia!” “I love James”) and adores her teachers.

 Now we just need to decide whether to stick with swimming. The week before last was absolutely awful. Last week was awful but not to the same extent. Do we keep taking her and hope she continues to improve, or cut our losses and withdraw her??

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    Shannon said,

    Ok, I know you want my advise so Im giving it! If Hunter is getting better each week with swimming, even if its only slightly, I dont see the point in pulling her out. If she was gettting worse, then sure. Is there a way that you can shorten the lessons? Perhaps get her to do a half lesson and let her get out and go and then lengthen them a bit each week?

    I’m glad she is enjoying Pre-school now 🙂

  2. 2

    shelli said,

    Malka was in an 8 week long swim class, and didn’t really like it until oh, week 6 or 7, if I recall.

    NOW< however, she LOVES blowing bubbles in the tub, and “swimming” (kicking her legs to splash…) OY.

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