Could this be it?

As we were driving to preschool this morning, Hunter and I had our usual conversation about whether Phoebe would be there and whether there would be preschool tomorrow.

I told her that no, there was no preschool tomorrow because it would be the weekend, and we’ll have swimming lessons instead. She immediately started to cry and said she didn’t want to go to swimming and that she was scared.

Last year Hunter LOVED swimming lessons, and she loves the water generally. But this year she has moved up a class and now she is in the water without a parent. I don’t think that scares her in the sense that she feels unsafe. I think it’s more about her being timid and wanting a mummy with her.

I know it seems like a minor thing, but I think it’s entirely feasible that my high-strung baby could have been worrying about it all week. And I wouldn’t be that surprised if my lil stress bunny dealt with it by being utterly abhorrent all week long. It even makes sense that she’d be acting up so much with me and Hugo because last week I was in the water with Hugo while she had her class.

She did pretty well in the class last week but I could see that she was nervous and putting on a brave face. She does that to avoid drawing attention to herself. I thought it might just have been first week nerves – she really did cope perfectly well with the lesson – but maybe it’s all going to come unstuck tomorrow.

I told her I will sit right by the edge of the pool and watch her this week but she still didn’t seem that keen. I’ll see what happens – maybe she’ll get there and realise it’s not as bad as she thought. But if she freaks out, I will probably think about pulling her out of the class. I want swimming to be fun, not scary.

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